Term 4 Newsletter

Hi Students and Parents,

Firstly, check out the awesome students of the week. One fast and virtuosic performance of Bluebird from Naruto, and a sensitive and balanced performance of Ou l’on entend une vielle boite a musique (An old musical box) from Grade 7.

Return to in-person in Term 4

Term 4 will be returning on the Monday 4th October and will end on Saturday 18 December. This runs for 11 weeks in total, and if you will be away prior to that date, do let me know so the invoice can be amended.

Lessons will commence on Zoom for Term 4. The return to in-person lessons will be determined by restrictions around creative studios.

This indicates a predicted return on 5 November for fully vaccinated individuals. This may change prior to this date.

Location of Teaching in 2022

As all Wantirna South students are probably aware, I am teaching from my parents’ house as of present. However, there comes a time to move out, and I will be doing so increasingly in 2022.

I am aware a small percentage of students are reliant on lessons being located near school, particularly WCC students, and my neighbour who walks 10 meters from his house for lessons. Therefore, about 30% of some will still be held at Wantirna South for the time being. This is an indication however that there may be a shakeup of timetabling sometime for 2022.

New Enrolments for Siblings in 2022

Due to the number of students enrolled in 2021, I haven’t accepted new students or waiting list students for a great majority of 2021.

A number of parents have indicated that they may want their siblings to begin learning, however, I have turned that down due to numbers in 2021. As some students will be graduating Year 12 in 2021, there will be a very limited number of spots open. If you are interested in starting a sibling in 2022, now is the time to let me know so I can allocate a spot prior to giving it to an external applicant.

Concert in Term 4

Tentatively, I would like to run a concert series in December. This would likely need to be at an external venue. I don’t have any concrete plans, but I would like to indicate that hopefully we’ll have our first live performances in over two years, which would be very exciting.

Important Exam Dates

As no in-person exams are being run, only recorded exams are being done. If you are not yet enrolled, you must:

  • Enrol by 15 October
  • Submit by 30 November

Enrolment can be done below. Guidelines for How to Record are on www.isaacchok.com/recording. For specific exam questions, just shoot me a message.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, shoot through a message, or if you are a student, fill out the below form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible via your parent.

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