Youtube Playlist

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Google Drive

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Goal for this week

  • carefully practice scales
  • carefully practice twilight

Long term goal

Do Grade 4 exam early 2021.

Abigail’s Amazing Aural Assessment Advice


  • 2nd – scale
  • 3rd – o when saints
  • 4th – amazing grace
  • 5th – twinkle twinkle lil star
  • 6th – my bonnie
  • 7th – weird
  • 8th – somewhere over the rainbow

Notes 15 Dec


  • in general, need to increase speed as well
  • melodic minor, do brackets on the way down
  • scales are starting to become careless. please be careful this holiday!
  • if the scales are going to be careless, do not do them at all


  • in general, very good. Keep practicing in small bits and READ that notes are correct. Present in good condition in 2021.

New York

  • STILL be careful about articulation, especially staccato.
  • after bar 30, for some reason there are suddenly a lot of wrong notes. See music for markings on page.
  • add pedal when marked

Let the Good Times Roll

  • bar 1-4, watch articulation
  • still, dynamics need greater exaggerated. accents are good though! rem
  • in 2021, we have a look at the detailed rhythms


  • in 2021, we will look at details. details and attention

Notes 7 Dec


  • generally, keep working on them


  • last line, very similar to before but just check where you are.
  • bar 21, watch out for when LH stretches past 1 octave

Notes 30 Nov


  • overall need to check fingering on ALL scales. Quality of fingering is poor.
  • Present the three scales in the weekly goal next week with correct fingering!


  • reading here is good, however again watch out for fingering.
  • bar 20 hands together, bar 24 hands sep

Notes 23 Nov


  • look carefully when doing Bb major arpeggio/contrary
  • E major fix fingering. 4th finger rule!
  • Scales might need to pick up pace


  • all note learning today. See goal on weekly goal

New York

  • with articulation (dots and slurs), don’t get into bad habits. Try being very careful
  • Also be careful with dynamics, especially difficult ones
  • 1st page needs careful work, 2nd and 3rd pages are pretty easy