Youtube Playlist

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Google Drive

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Goal for this week

  • bar 44 of New York
  • Bb major contrary motion and all similar motions

Long term goal

Do Grade 4 exam early 2021.

Notes 26 Oct


  1. evenness – rhythm (Steady stream), all the notes are the same volume (watch out for thumb!)
  2. speed
  3. notes
  • Do all contrary motions this week


  • you can turn off wrong notes in ‘settings’
  • try level 3 or above.

New York

  • still main emphasis on learning, challenge is getting up to bar 43 by yourself
  • staccato here bar 1
  • large dynamic differences from bar 5
  • GRADUALLY louder in bar 8
  • staccato in bar 11-12

Let the Good Times Roll

  • keep track of rhythm
  • bar 8 rhythm ‘ti ta, ta’

Notes 19 Oct 2020


  • get into a habit of doing 4 octaves.
  • I will test all scales similar motion next week.

New York

  • A main feature of practice should still be small sections but READING correctly.
  • bar 11, no Eb
  • bar 19 onwards, you need to watch for Bbs
  • watch for F# in bar 30 onwards
  • goal is bar 30 hands together, bar 36 hands seperate.

Let The Good Times Roll

  • Make sure

Notes 12 Oct 2020


  • C# harmonic minor

Let the Good times Roll

  • Rhythm mistakes bar 1-2 and bar 7-8, fix by clapping or listening to recording carefully
  • keep staccatos soft, accents loud
  • dynamic bar 12 and 17 for soft, get much softer! (as soft as possible)

New York New York

  • When reading important to:
  1. know how it goes (listen)
  2. practice seperate hands
  3. read notes carefully (note chart)
  4. B flats
  • get up to bar 29 hands separate