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Aural 4 Auray


  • Root: no gap
  • 1st inversion: gap at the top
  • 2nd inversion: gap at the bottom
  • the gap is amazing grace


Goal for this week

  • Mozart start last page
  • continue with Bb harmonic minor
  • Have a look

Long term goal

  • Grade 7 someday

Notes 8 Dec


  • when octaves come in, feel free to use some pedal
  • 2nd page, soft part less phrasing, loud part more phrasing
  • push speed in 2nd page 4 bars at a time
  • in difficult split octave section, use rotation and relax wrist

Notes 1 Dec

Scale: Bb harmonic minor


  • work on ‘precise touch at all times’. soft bits must go down to the bottom of the key
  • watch this spot
  • try to match speed, nice and light.
  • 2nd page, 8 bars at a time, mistake free practice
  • clarity of 3rds important. also last note not loud please. Small notes not
  • make sure notes are clear even when soft
  • big forte then soft instantly
  • don’t hold LH too long here
  • soft 2nd page and dynamics in general

Notes 24 Nov

Scale: do Ab major


  • new sections, just be careful with fingering
  • phrase carefully, mostly in RH
  • end of phrases need
  • LH crisp and straightforward

Notes 17 Nov

  • half on, half off on rest
  • LH non legato, but we can change lengths depending on intensity
  • Don’t end phrases loudly
  • this section, play carefully and slow
  • this section is all about energy conservation. RH balance towards pinky. LH, only emphasise chords
  • check LH notes here

Notes 10 Nov

  • in general, watch for fingering, esp in right hand
  • pay attention to rests. Quavers are detatched.
  • balance heavily towards RH
  • hit peaks hard, but only temporarily, for ‘comedy’
  • 2nd page, two bars a day
  • Fingering don’t flip unless there is a finger there

Notes 3 Nov

  • Make sure LH articulation is consistent. When it is not slurred, do not connect
  • check LH here
  • is expression terraced or phrased?
  • Hot tips for octaves, don’t need to play them loud, play 4 on black note
  • 2nd page, watch for fingering carefully

Oct 27