COVID-19 Information (Last update 31 Oct)

When will lessons return to in-person?

Lessons can now occur with COVID-safe protocol.

Please let me know which you prefer. Please also familiarise yourself with the procedures below.

I currently want online lessons. Will this still be available?

Yes, online lessons will still be available even after return to in-person lessons.

When lesson return to in-person, what sanitation procedures are there?

  1. Before and after each lesson, keys and piano surfaces are wiped down with a disinfecting wipe. This is also done for the seat and any other surfaces that may be used throughout the lesson period.
  2. Students are required to either sanitise or wash hands before the lesson. Hand sanitiser will be provided
  3. I will be distanced about 2 meters away from the student at my own separate piano.
  4. Windows will be opened for ventilation.
  5. I will be wearing a mask during the lesson for your safety. Masks must be worn according to Victorian health guidelines for Year 7 students and above.
  6. If you feel unwell, please consider an online lesson instead.

Will there be a concert this year?

We have already skipped our Term 2 concert and replaced it with an online ‘Student of the Week’ program. It is too early to say whether there will be an end of year concert at this current time.

How do exams work now?

Exams will be online for the remainder of the year. The requirements are different to traditional exams which unfortunately omits technical work, aural, sight-reading and general knowledge. You can read more here: or watch the video below.