COVID-19 Information

Given the difficulties of managing the Delta strain of COVID-19, it seems likely that there will be further lockdowns this year. Lockdowns will be longer than we had anticipated, and we will have to live with physical distancing rules, density quotients and face-masks for some time to come.

Accordingly, we strongly encourage candidates to consider presenting for a pre-recorded video exam, where available (see below).

Face-to-face exams in Term 4
On Monday 30 August we will commence the enormous challenge of scheduling face-to-face exams for the period October to November. In a ‘normal’ year we provide face-to-face examinations for more than 14,000 Victorian candidates in Term 4, and it is essential that we know your intentions before we start the complex scheduling process. Given the volume of examinations and the constraints on the availability of examiners and examining studios, once exams are scheduled they are almost impossible to move (and transfers are costly to action).