End of Year Letter, Re-enrollment and Studio Policy

Please take the time to review the below as they affect you.

Re-enrolment will be closing on 18 Dec, 2021. Re-enrolment can be done at the bottom of the page.

If you are unsure of the meaning of any items on this page, do contact me.

Change of studio location

I have now been teaching from my current Wantirna South location for seven years. What started as a hobby has now become my full-time job within that time.

At some point, I will need to move out and establish my own studio outside of my parents’ home. After careful thought, I’ve concluded that the appropriate time is now before I get too established.

Currently, Wednesdays will be allocated as a day for Wantirna South teaching for students. There may be one additional day, and I will be consulting with all students as a whole to determine which day this may be.

I would encourage you to check how your travel may be affected. For most students, a travel difference time of 3-5 minutes may be observed. The address is a lot more central and easy access, with close proximity to The Glen should you want to use your lesson as your weekly shop.

Address: 8 Crown St, Glen Waverley

Do note that your current timeslot is not affected by the address change.

Change of fee structure

When starting seven years ago, lessons were actually free. Prices slowly increased from $0/hr to 10, 30, 45, 52, 58, 63, 75 to the current $80.

There are students currently at various price-points depending on your time of joining. Firstly, thank you to the students who have been here for a while and have helped me develop the teaching skills I possess today.

In 2022, I have made the decision to align all students with the current VMTA rate of $81/hr. This is a price that reflects the current experience and qualifications that I have, and would be the same price should you take lessons from a qualified teacher elsewhere or at a school.

Most students won’t be affected greatly by this, but some students will see an increase of fees depending on your current price point. For these students, should this change be not possible, please inform me and we can come to a hardship agreement. For those already under a hardship agreement, this change does not affect your current arrangement but you will be contacted at the end of the year independently.


Re-enrolment for 2022 will be open until 18 Dec, 2021. Indication of a re-enrolment involves a reasonable intent to continue into 2022. From this point onwards, any vacancies will be filled by waiting siblings, waiting list or new students in that order.

If you do not intend to continue into 2022, do let me know earlier if possible so I can inform waiting students.

If any of the above items concerns you, do contact me. I have provided a bit more than a month for you to decide and you’re free to use that time to decide whether you will continue into 2022.

Studio Policy 2022

1. Payment

a. Payment will be made in either 5 lesson units or by term.

b. Payment will be made on the new 5 lesson block, or two weeks after the start of term or invoice received.

c. The rate for 2022 will be $81/hr, unless an hardship agreement is reached.

2. Absences/Late arrivals

a. Twenty-four hours notice is required for absences. A makeup or refund cannot be guaranteed for notice given within twenty-four hours unless it is a genuine emergency or hardship.

b. For foreseeable events such as camps and outings, one-week’s notice is recommended but not enforced.

c. Lessons can be given for arrival up to 15 minutes late. After 15 minutes, the lesson may not be given unless prior notice is given. The makeup of lost time due to late arrivals cannot be guaranteed.

3. Lesson times

a. A lesson slot is reserved as soon as it is occupied. Swaps may be requested, but refusal rights are reserved for the occupant.

b. Two slots cannot be booked simultaneously. The spot is surrendered as soon as a swap is completed.

c. In requesting a new slot, there is no guarantee provided that it will be available. A degree of flexibility may be required to find an appropriate slot.

d. Rights are reserved for the teacher to refuse swaps in the case of over-frequent swapping.

4. Exam enrolment

a. Before registering for an exam, the onus is on the parent to:

  • provide relevant details 24 hours prior to the enrolment date.
  • provide ‘dates to avoid’ 24 hours prior to the enrolment date.

b. Additional fees apply from the AMEB for date changes required after enrolment. For more information, please refer to www.isaacchok.com/enrolment.

5. Termination

a. Termination of lessons can occur in two ways:

  1. at the end of a school term before the 2nd week of holidays
  2. during a term with 28 days notice

b. Earlier termination may occur if mutually agreed upon by the teacher.

c. The teacher reserves the right to terminate lessons at any time.

6. Adherence to Copyright

a. Students are expected to adhere to copyright and ensure that they have an original copy of the books during preparation. Copies may be provided by the teacher in good faith that the book will be purchased.

This is to conform to Australian rules around copyright and legal adherence to them and support music books’ publication.

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