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Goal for this week

  • C# harmonic minor

Long term goal

  • Grade 4 exam early November

Notes 18 Dec

Scales: need to be careful, rather slow than incorrect


  • make sure crotchets in LH are consistent and your metronome
  • Try phrasing, the higher you go, the louder, the lower you go, the softer

Notes 10 Dec

Scales: C# harmonic minor this week


  • learn up to bar 17
  • bar 15, remove bottom note. Bar 16, don’t forget repeated C#
  • try phrasing and pedal as well

Notes 4 Dec

Scales: Eb major this week

Moonlight Serenade

  • Quality is good. Keep up good learning method and challenge yourself to learn as much as possible
  • goal: bar 13

Notes Nov 19

Have a look at notes from last week and do that practice.

Notes Nov 12

Across the board, security needs to be better

  1. separate hands
  2. slow practice
  3. perfect runs

see which one is appropriate for your piece

Let the good times roll

  • slur in the right place

Notes Nov 5


  • main thing to watch out for is staccatos


  • for extra security, good to do separate hands challenge


  • for security, do perfect runs practice

Notes 29 Oct

Tambo Tango

  • greater difference between dynamics would be good
  • Greater difference between melody and ‘inside part’

Kitten and Mousin

  • don’t start twice
  • bar 9 watch out for staccato

Let the Good Times Roll and Twilight

  • both of these pieces need consitency

Ways to practice

  • Practicing left and right hand separately
  • Slowly

Self Review 22 Oct

Tambo Tango

  • get mp softer
  • bar 13, watch semiquavers clearly. Good to practice hands seperately any fast bits.
  • keep a steady speed


  • dynamics: start softs VERY
  • keep a steady speed
  • If you can do these things, then you’re pretty much set


  • dynamics are good but certain sections can be softer
  • watch out for stops
  • watch out for missing notes


  • stops
  • dynamics, soft softer
  • good accents