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Script for Exam

My name is Esrene Siu. Today is the <date> and I am presenting for an examination in Grade 4 Piano for Leisure. My first piece is……

Goal for this week

  • Tambo Tango, do your disciplined practice

Long term goal

  • Grade 4 exam early November

Self Review 22 Oct

Tambo Tango

  • get mp softer
  • bar 13, watch semiquavers clearly. Good to practice hands seperately any fast bits.
  • keep a steady speed


  • dynamics: start softs VERY
  • keep a steady speed
  • If you can do these things, then you’re pretty much set


  • dynamics are good but certain sections can be softer
  • watch out for stops
  • watch out for missing notes


  • stops
  • dynamics, soft softer
  • good accents

Notes 15 Oct

Tambo Tango

  • Disciplined practice: focus on a small bit ONLY. This will fix final technical issues
  • Keep the song moving for tempo
  • Dynamics are good here

Kitten and Mousin

  • Keep LH soft always because it’s in the background


  • wait proper length for last long pause
  • Keep up really good

Let the Good Times Roll

  • think of last two notes attached to the next line in bar 4
  • don’t fade away too early at the end