Goal for this week

  • Answer the question below

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Notes 21 Jun

What are two ways Castaways is good songwriting

Notes 15 Feb

  • diminished is 3/3
  • Augmented is 4/4
  • write words to Captain Hook bit
  • needs to be hectic

Notes 11 Nov


  • choose the type of note you want
  • press ‘N’ to go into note mode
  • press arrow keys up or down to move notes up and down
  • press ‘esc’ to get out of note mode
  • press ‘command+L’ to do lyrics
  • press ‘-‘ to split words up, press space to move to the next note
  • press ‘command+K’ to do chords

Let me know if you need any help, I will get back to you in between 1-106 business days.