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Google Drive

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Goal for this week

  1. Haydn, get soft dynamic and be careful with phrase endings. practice for no mistakes
  2. Soir, increase speed and be very careful texture
  3. Experiment with rubato in Andantino. I will check it this week.

Long term goal

Get Grade 6 done this year.

Notes 19 Oct 2020


  • needs to sound more sneaky. This can be done simply by doing softs softer
  • don’t suddenly jump at the end of phrases
  • this is a bit risky, we can reduce risk by:
  1. Slow practice
  2. zero-threshold practice


  • increase speed. this makes everything easier
  • maximise phrasing
  • get LH AS SOFT AS POSSIBLE. this requires a lot of effort
  • bar 29, mush everything together
  • you can add rubato in certain places


  • keep up speed
  • good to try rubato when doing any crescendo. This highlights any intense sections


  • This one will work as long as you keep up speed and do clear dynamics. Can use soft pedal in softs
  • metronome in mid 80s

Notes 12 Oct 2020


  • Metronome at 192
  • bar 30, less on mf, be PLAYFUL. All triplets should be evenly spaced out
  • instead of going very loud, focus more on AS SOFT AS POSSIBLE
  • Still need a lot of metronome work, but you are getting there


  • Avoid harshness. Sometimes can add weight with more LH
  • Don’t slow down bar 26


  • lots of phrasing!
  • Metronome at 192 as well


  • Phrasing watch, keep it consistent. Keep it smooth, anticipate movement. Keep it dolce (sweet) all the time.
  • Add rubato for majestic feeling
  • LH soft all the time for creepy feeling bars 1-8
  • bar 9, smooth phrasing, not aggressive on fz, don’t lift pedal early. fz is mostly in RH.
  • bar 13-15, commit to voicing top note
  • bar 19-20, more phrasing going up. Bar 20, silence in rests.
  • bar 21-22 can be a bit more aggressive
  • check pedalling bar 27. missing A#. Slow down a lot in riten.
  • bar 33, don’t go too aggressive
  • bar 43, missing notes in LH, more phrasing in 43-44.


  • bar 4 don’t slow down.
  • Basically, go metronome at 192 and don’t slow down for anything. Do 8 bars at a time. Up to the end of the first page

Haydn general notes

  • Don’t slow down when you get louder
  • mf not too loud
  • pause bar 67 can be louder
  • softs can be softer, don’t jump off so much.
  • still needs metronome work at 192