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Goal for this week

  • fix you bar 21
  • learn Eb major

Long term goal

Notes 14 Dec

Fix You

  • count in the first line. make sure LH is in the right spot
  • bar 14 onwards, inaccurate RH
  • bar 21, tie

Notes 7 Dec

Scales: please check Eb major fingering

Fix You

  • PLEASE check positions
  • PLEASE check LH notes
  • important to check coordination
  • goal bar 21

Notes 30 Nov

Scale: B major

Learn Fix You

Think about new piece

Notes 20 Nov


  • accents bigger, make everything else softer
  • check extra notes in different places
  • don’t get louder before ff in bar 22
  • accents in bar 28
  • check ending number of notes


  • keep speed constant based on crotchets or minims
  • can get a dynamic ‘edge’ and get louder in some sections


  • even in soft dynamics, make sure we can hear RH clearly
  • try to fix rhythm
  • make sure dynamics are noticable


  • fix note here
  • do riten a bit bigger on second page, then return fully return to normal speed

Notes 11 Nov


  • watch articulation (dashes = long, dots = short)
  • bar 24 is a danger zone for speeding
  • ta ta ti ti

Moonlight Serenade

  • prioritise melody, make sure it strong. Dynamic peaks stronger
  • Still watch out for pedal gaps
  • make sure melody is held for correct time bar 20-21 LH
  • hold final notes for correct amount of time


  • keep a strong melody for entire piece
  • Don’t listen to pedal 100%, some of it is a bit mushy
  • 3rd and 4th page need work! don’t lose momentum
  • make sure ending is correct length

Notes 4 Nov

  • speed and dynamics are critical
  • also get long accents long, make sure staccatos are short
  • check same wrong notes


  • make sure triplets are in time
  • make sure dynamics are very certain and correct


  • metronome 60-70


  • don’t start too slow, try to match speed
  • voice melody (play melody louder)
  • extra notes are being played here RH
  • missing note here