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Goal for this week

  • similar motion must be accurate fingering
  • fix rhythm and coordination in Allegro
  • fingering must be correct in Etude. goal, bar 61

Long term goal

  • finish Grade 4

20 Feb

Scales must be much more accurate this week fingering wise


  • all quavers must be quavers
  • accuracy of LH in bar 1-8?
  • 35, LH in wrong spot
  • 39, RH in wrong spot
  • read bar 40 carefully, make sure it is not missing


  • fingering must be correct
  • goal bar 61

6 Feb


  • must be very careful
  • don’t skip fingers
  • same homework this week


THREE things

  • articulation, all staccatos and slurs there, and always staccatos
  • dynamics need to be big
  • rhythm needs to be correct, try clapping it


  • fingering MUST be followed in this piece
  • one note at a time in the introduction LH

27 Jan


  • Ab major this week


  • increase speed


  • Check Bb in bar 9-12
  • bar 30 check notes here
  • FA here
  • last line check positions

Try Etude this week: New song

20 Jan


  • need to be 4 octaves
  • fast
  • hands together


  • watch key signature


  • staccatos and slurs are super important!
  • check if everything is in the right spot
  • check for Bb
  • lift at the end of slurring
  • dynamics are meant to create FUNNY differences

13 Jan

Scales: up to C# melodic minor

Ex 4C

  • key signature: F, C, G, D sharp
  • Have a go at LH version


  • Bb
  • Check where your notes are, check the position
  • be careful of fingering
  • combine hands 8 bars at a time
  • complete first page together