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Google Drive

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Goal for this week

  • New scale F harmonic minor, LH 4B
  • bar 16 hands together List B

Long term goal

Grade 4 exam mid-2021

Notes 26 Oct

Ex 4B

  • please do LH this week
  • RH increase speed


  • even at early learning stage, consider balance between LH and RH, RH needs to be louder
  • learning goal: bar 16, hands together


  • bar 1-8, hold LH notes
  • start dynamics in bar 17

  • check notes bar 51 RH

Notes 19 Oct 2020


  • f natural minor new scale
  • do LH 4B and increase speed in 4B overall


  • Ties in bar 1-8, only
  • start dynamics from 17 onwards
  • bar 24, check your LH chord. Fade away late

New piece: Allegro