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This Week’s Goal

  • continue with scales and excercises
  • continue with pieces

Long Term Goal

  • Grade 5 2021

Notes 13 Jan

Keep up scales and be accurate

List B

  • careful with overpedalling
  • even in pp sections, make sure melody can be heard. use soft pedal (una corda)
  • sf is more expressive than large
  • to get more intense we can also change the note length
  • bar 42 staccatos must be soft

Lose Blatter

  • natural separation on these staccatos, relaxed
  • don’t jump on these staccatos. must be less energy
  • to make fz louder, make everything around it softer.

Notes 16 Dec

Start Ex 5C + continue with scales

Can start a List C


  • Don’t be careless with fingering
  • ending ff, not too polite.
  • this articulation contributes ‘funiness’. accent at start of slur
  • follow dynamics carefully, then they will make sense


  • first 8 bars, would recommend going slower. Still need to focus on the super legato RH. Occassionally RH doesn’t come with LH
  • Make sure top note is louder

Notes 9 Dec


  • all scale + 5B left hand version


  • bar 20-32, gradual buildup. Loudness to related to how wide the music is
  • this piece is defined by different moods. Sometimes it is serious, but sometimes it is silly
  • silliness is caused by sf, and differences to the melody (variations)

Notes 2 Dec

Do Ex 5B

Watch fingering LH G# melodic minor. Make sure scales are legato. Make sure scales are together. Increase speed


  • For first page, adopt relaxed posture. Will help balance accomapaniment.
  • Make sure there is clear difference between melody and accompaniment in RH even when getting louder
  • bar 11, RH not too soft
  • bar 14, voice LH over RH
  • Check RH bar 26

Notes 25 Nov

Ex 5A, and continue with scales


  • dolce – sweetly, balance with RH and LH. Because RH needs to be heard even if it’s really soft.
  • markings such as dynamics are about phrasing. If you can do phrasing, you will be fine
  • 2nd page, LH soft, RH phrase, add pedal in this section for contrast.
  • bar 14, voice LH
  • bar 16, watch out for notes in RH. Also the biggest peak of the piece
  • bar 26, tranquil, keep pedal down, keep all notes soft.