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Goal for this week

  • 5C, learn notes of first line, 5B, add small notes
  • Look at consistency, dynamics and phrasing List C
  • bar 26 minimum on List D. phrase first page, increase speed

Long term goal

  • Grade 5 exam mid 2021

Notes 20 Oct

List C

  • keep notes together RH and LH, and keep metronomically consistent
  • to get it consistent, start slow but consistent, then increase
  • keep watching slurs
  • phrase more and phrase clearly

List C

  • check notes bar 7
  • broken chord bar 23 + check wrong notes circled
  • front section increase speed and get phrasing

Notes 13 Oct


  • no tiny note in bar 4. Start LH version
  • please have a look at original scale chart for G# melodic minor. It’s much better to just get this one right before there’s more damage.
  • A natural in Bb harmonic minor.

Wistful Prelude

  • tie in bar 6 RH
  • Phrase a lot! Let the RH do the work instead of the LH. Keep LH in background because LH controls texture. Try this idea for the entire first page. There is no right or wrong (or at least not too much)
  • 2nd page bar 21-22 is a difficulty hotspot, be careful here and learn hands separate.
  • Goal is around 22-24


  • slurs are better than last week, but still be careful
  • Phrasing is also a critical idea in this piece. Don’t be afraid to quite soft.
  • bar 6 LH F
  • bar 23, make sure you get a lot softer and articulation is correct
  • bar 19, key phrasing idea here

Notes 6 Oct


  • B major faster, 4 octaves
  • G# melodic minor, refer to scale chart
  • New scale Bb harmonic minor

Ex 5B

  • Some notes in wrong place, wrong notes. See circles

Wistful Prelude

  • Add pedal this week, listen to recording to get correct feel.
  • Bar 1, watch note
  • bar 2, hold notes for two beats
  • bar 6, watch tie
  • bar 15, F#
  • bar 17 F# missing
  • tips for this section, seperate hands, 2 bars at a time. You need to be very careful to get correct notes
  • Ambitious goal: bar 26.


  • Still need to lift on slurs
  • wrong note LH bar 6
  • Different articulation in both hands 21-23
  • bar 30, hold 3 beats
  • Next two weeks, get up to performance standard by cutting out gaps