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Goal for this week

  • All contrary motion must be presented
  • Wistful Prelude must be presented correctly next week

Long term goal

  • Grade 5 exam mid 2021

Notes 20 Jan


  • practice contrary hands seperately
  • contrary motions must be checked much more carefully

Wistful Prelude

  • notes must be presented correctly next week

Notes 13 Jan

Must practice scales and excercises


  • bar 5-7 a bit of a hotspot for wrong notes
  • bar 10 hotspot
  • bar 17 hotspot
  • bar 27 hotspot
  • first page: phrasing, legato melody, bring out the melody

Wistful Prelude

  • Get up to bar 34
  • Experiment more with musicality
  • bar 6 tie

Notes 6 Jan


  • F harmonic minor contrary motion
  • keep working on all excercises


  • WRONG NOTES need to be carefully approached
  • can’t comment on expression until notes are fixed
  • must practice slowly and correctly before going faster


  • curved fingers will help accuracy and keep hands together
  • breaking slurs gaps is important
  • phrase upwards bar 19
  • accuracy! bar 21
  • dynamics in second page

Notes 15 Dec


  • Ab major needs chronic work. Must be learned NOTE by NOTE


  • see note errors still existing written on page
  • starting from bar 1, hold top note of RH. Curve fingers. After technique is right, phrasing. After that is right, increase speed, 2 or 4 bars a time
  • bars with errors
  • 1 RH
  • 2 LH
  • 6 RH
  • 7 RH
  • 9 LH
  • 11 LH
  • bar 28 to end, only C E and G

Notes 8 Dec


  • all scales up to Ab major contrary. increase speed and accuracy


  • throughout first page, there are various mistakes in LH and RH
  • bar 11, watch notes in LH
  • bar 17, watch notes
  • after fixing notes, main idea of piece is related to phrasing
  • increase quality this week.


  • watch pedal in bar 17
  • ‘clean quest’. do it with slow practice as well

Notes 1 Dec


  • make sure there is no F# bar 6 RH
  • Don’t do repeat bar
  • bar 10, legato RH
  • bar 11, Eb LH carries over
  • bar 16, Eb carries over


  • dynamics clear, don’t get softer too early

Notes 24 Nov

  • Scales: Ab major needs be correct before we even try to get fast


  • dynamics need to be absolutely certain of for an expressive performance. After that, phrasing!


  • start learning 2nd page.
  • bar 11, watch out for Eb LH


Notes 17 Nov

  • Please do scale on goal of the week this week

List A

  • Watch fingering CAREFULLY in RH
  • watch out for notes bar 2
  • learning is a priority here

List C

  • attempt to phrase sections up and down based on height

List D

  • please get more of 27 onwards done
  • less rubato for now, rubato is optional and can be left for later, don’t change rhythm
  • bar 6, tie
  • bar 19-20, make sure there are even divisions of four beats rhythm wise

Notes 10 Nov


  • Keep working on this


  • Ab major contrary motion
  • Revise all similar motions


  • avoid starting twice, it could be a bad habit
  • Particularly watch slurring in LH this week
  • slurs bar 11-12 RH
  • Slow practice really helps stabilise. This also will help slurring accuracy.


  • slurring is CRITICAL and only can be done with CORRECT FINGERING

Wistful Prelude

  • pedale simile applies for whole piece, so be careful with pedalling
  • There are many errors on 2nd page, read carefully here