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Goal for this week

  • Practice all contrary motions
  • Waltz, correct notes, separate hands practice
  • Wistful prelude, bar 8 hands together

Long term goal

  • Grade 5 Exam Mid 2021

13 Jan

Scales: all contrary

5C: keep working on even triplets


  • still continue to make an effort to get rid of gaps
  • dynamics need to be in a shocking/playful style. choose something to highlight and bring it out exaggerated

Wistful Prelude

  • be ultra careful of wrong notes
  • careful of F#
  • learn first page hands together or up to bar 8

6 Jan


  • do F harmonic minor contrary

5C – do with metronome


  • check notes 26
  • roll at the end of slurs for nice ending
  • aim for consistent quavers, no gaps in bar 10. Practice this slow
  • add pedal here as well.
  • 39, slow down and pause here a lot. Also hold down pedal for long here.

Notes 15 Dec


  • see goal above in weekly goal


  • pedal in bar 9 needs to be accurate
  • dynamics need to be sudden and funny
  • bar 28, check notes here

Merry Andrew

  • check chord positions
  • think about rhythm as 1 + 2 +
  • be careful of dynamics and articulation, but in the future

Notes Dec 8


  • need to be practiced up to Ab major contrary


  • bar 27 Ab LH
  • bar 36, top note should be top note
  • bar 47, RH F
  • refer to smart practice methods in previous weeks

Notes 1 Dec

  • make sure Bbs and LH is correct 41-45
  • bar 47 RH F
  • technical aspects of this piece need to improve. This needs to be done through ‘smart’ practice.
  • We can’t really achieve too much more without significant technical improvement

Notes 24 Nov

Scales: Do C# harmonic minor contrary this week. Keep up with your excercises as well


  • this note in bar 11 LH is still sometimes wrong!
  • bar 37, check RH C#
  • bar 16 onwards, call and response expression. A loud call, a soft response. This is nearly each part of the music after.
  • for technical improvement, go separate hands in difficult sections


Notes 17 Nov

Scales: continue with Ab major contrary



  • watch these notes bar 9-16
  • last bar, middle C
  • try pedalling

Notes 10 Nov


  • Ab contrary this week


  • bar 18 performance standard this week.
  • when all is up to performance standard, then this can be considered expressively


  • bar 11, Ab LH
  • bar 39, LH B natural
  • bar 41, LH is repetitive, good to practice LH only for technique
  • bar 46, watch out for mega chord. also watch out for fingering here

Notes 3 Nov

Ex 5B

  • still fix notes bar 5


  • E major contrary


  • attitude is correct for performance standard. As long as you keep it up, it will get there eventually
  • bar 17 performance standard, goal extended by 3 bars until we reach the end


  • waltz is about differentiating different characters
  • bar 1, three characters, strong weak medium. Don’t get too loud on strong
  • bar 9, two characters, low and high
  • 16 and 22, opportunties to get much louder
  • towards the second page,

Notes 27 Oct

Ex 5B

  • still see wrong notes below


  • new: Bb melodic minor
  • G# melodic minor, check notes B
  • also check descending notes and fingering


  • goal: get all 13 bars up to performance standard
  • keys to success
  • do small sections
  • hands separate, then together
  • think ahead, put pressure on consistency

Prepare Waltz for next week as well

Notes 20 Oct


  • notes, please check


  • Still work on getting triplets evenly spread.


  • start from the middle, not just the start to make sure everything is high quality.
  • check wrong notes on second page, often we are reading the wrong clef
  • bar 14 onwards, less intense, which means less phrasing


  • start pedalling pattern. Sometimes in these sections check your bottom note