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Goal for this week

  • Giga, go to end
  • Bb harmonic minor learn
  • Fix G# melodic minor

Long term goal

  • Grade 5 Exam Mid 2021

Notes 20 Oct


  • notes, please check


  • Still work on getting triplets evenly spread.


  • start from the middle, not just the start to make sure everything is high quality.
  • check wrong notes on second page, often we are reading the wrong clef
  • bar 14 onwards, less intense, which means less phrasing


  • start pedalling pattern. Sometimes in these sections check your bottom note

Notes 13 Oct

  • 5B, notes are still incorrect in the same spots. Refer to last week’s notes. Also start LH, don’t do small notes yet
  • G# harmonic minor is still incorrect, please refer to the original
  • New scale Bb harmonic minor


  • the second page, you need to make sure that you carry accidentals over. It might be handy to write the accidentals in (we’ve done that today)
  • for the first page, there are ‘habit gaps’ that we do all the time, for example in bar 6
  • go slow and eliminate gaps, then increase speed.
  • Goal is to try to eliminate gaps in this one and improve second page. Would be good to try to get the entire thing hands together.

Notes 6 Oct


  • see circled areas for notes to fix


  • G# melodic minor, check G# note
  • Db major do 4 octaves instead of 3


  • Phrasing ideas are good. Continue to exaggerate like this:
  • bar 6 check note, should be C
  • bar 10 tie in LH
  • bar 12, tie and make sure notes are correct
  • bar 17, B natural


  • Notes to check bar 9-10
  • there is a lot of gaps bar 17 onwards, listen to recording carefully