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Goal for this week

  • Line by line practice Theme
  • G major scale
  • present mini toccata

Long term goal

  • none yet

Notes 1 Dec

New Scale: G major. LH scales need more work in general

Mini toccata: present next week


  • bar 7 LH, make sure C is in the right spot
  • before any expressive details come in, it must be technically proficient. This is best done by line by line playing. 10x play each line until good.

Notes 24 Nov

New scale: A harmonic minor


  • bar 4, check LH note direction
  • bar 7, LH, check direction
  • try one line at a time, without gaps. Start VERY SLOW without gaps, then speed up
  • this is the sole goal for this week, do line by line. a

Notes 17 Nov

Keep going with C major and A natural minor


  • last bar, remove bottom note of chord
  • there are some notes in the wrong position: see picture below for circled notes

Notes 10 Nov

New Scale: A natural minor. Same fingering, different notes


  • You will need to check LH directions this week
  • Practice this week to get it faster
  • You’re on the right track!

Notes 3 Nov


  • Keep reading!
  • Listen to the recording and see whether you can make it sound the same
  • Play Note Rush to improve your reading


  • Do C major. Try to get finger numbers correct. One octave.