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Goal for this week

  • self-directed learning in Beethoven, either first mvt or 2nd
  • consistent bar 16 czerny
  • 1 recording of Chopin for analysis next week
  • noterush app, $8

Long term goal

Certificate of Performance Mid 2021

Chopin recording in Term 4

Notes 9 Dec

  • bar 1, good that that’s light, but still need to hit strong points of phrases
  • LH chords, show restraint. In f sections, have big phrasing
  • bar 143, check C# octave

Notes 2 Dec

Radio: 105.9 ABC classical, 102.7 triple R


  • explore comedy through contrast

Notes 25 Nov


  • In f sections, still balance heavily towards RH melody. (bar 1)
  • coordination bar 16? also would be awesome if you grouped into 6s
  • bar 26, G natural LH
  • 32, ties in LH
  • bar 87, LH G
  • start from either bar 50 or last page this week

Notes 16 Nov


  • prio on melody in opening, phrasing as well when available
  • allegretto section, go a bit

Notes 9 Nov


  • first two lines, articulation. Taper off slurs
  • don’t speed up, break up into 6s bar 12
  • 2nd page in general, refine dynamics. divert Beethoven aggression into sf
  • bar 60, put sf in correct spot
  • don’t predict dynamics, don’t do cresc before f if it doesn’t say
  • bar 81 is straight up missing
  • do cresc in a straight line
  • this is straight up missing
  • check fingering

Notes 2 Nov


  1. Skip
  2. Big rubato


  • bar 1, make sure C# is loud, match speed in transition
  • only ping top note here
  • prioritise melody voicing bar 13
  • bar 23, take time to do rubato
  • bar 25, the softer the better, makes ff later better
  • get louder later, give the illusion that ‘there’s always more’
  • middle section, why and how do you do things?
  • 1st: normal, plain, statement. Listen to LH, keep LH stable. Make sure it is still phrased and voiced well
  • 2nd: more rubato softer. don’t need to voice. calm
  • 3rd: louder, even more rubato, blissful
  • 4th: softer, speed up. playful
  • softer, be careful of pedal is used in last page