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Goal for this week

  • self-directed learning in Beethoven
  • consistent bar 16 czerny
  • 1 recording of Chopin for analysis next week

Long term goal

Certificate of Performance Mid 2021

Chopin recording in Term 4

Notes 26 Oct


  • Do these LH accompaniments softer for more ‘velocity’
  • in critical sections such as 2nd page top half, better to do ‘error free practice’
  • differentiate between p dolce bits and f with pedal usage in p bits


  • still more focused practice on consistency is required, however, as a whole, heading towards the right direction
  • the secret is soft softs, then any peak is bigger

Recording psychology

  • phrasing – does it make sense, appropriateness of phrasing size
  • rubato – where should you take breaks
  • ideas
  • dynamics
  • mistakes

Notes 20 Oct 2020


  • When playing loud you need to play efficiently. Which notes need to be loud? This can also help it keep light
  • small trouble sections, two bars at time
  • 13-16, prolonged forte, what is your idea here?
  • 47, LH melody, less RH
  • 49, have staccatos pop out
  • 59, don’t rush


  • 12, group into 6
  • when learning, treat as a sight reading exercise


  • techniques for greater consistency
  • rhythm practice on semiquavers
  • slow practice
  • drill small sections