Logan’s Playlist

All songs from Grade 3

8 Sep

Toccata Ritmico

  • mp, p much softer
  • bar 24 RH incorrect

Song of Twilight

  • left hand balance, left hand is in the background
  • we get our left hand soft to make a calmer
  • if you have trouble with reading, read notes aloud before playing

1 Sep

  • new song – song of twilight
  • F# C# G#

Toccata Ritmico

  • focus is dynamics this week
  • finish the piece

25 Aug

Toccata Ritmico

  • rhythm is all quavers, all should be even
  • goal: bar 40

Jive Turkey

  • before you start
    • think about the speed
    • think about dynamics
  • practice left hand slowly to make sure you don’t miss notes
  • check number of notes in RH

18 Aug

Toccata Ritmico

  • things to remember
    • B flat and E flat, write them in if you forget
    • can repeat, but maybe four bars at a time
    • check your clefs, especially in LH
    • okay if you get stuck this week, just try your best
    • listen to recording