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Goal for this week

  • Complete scales
  • Allegro – fix evenness and other notes
  • Etude – fix balance and other notes
  • Rainy Saturday – see notes

Long term goal

  • Grade 1

27 Mar

Scales passed


  • think about how to practice sections
    • slow
    • rhythm practice
    • play small bits


  • phrasing is most important

Rainy Day

  • phrasing is important. Make sure pedal is lifted fully

20 Mar


  • precision
    • coordination of RH and LH
    • is LH always the same speed?
    • am I thinking about precision
  • metronome 138


  • metronome 120
  • same notes as above


  • scales must be even, all notes same volume and same speed

13 Mar

Scales: Present F major next week


  • same points as last week
  • practice in small bits for parts with trouble


  • bar 14, check your notes
  • same notes as last week

Rainy Saturday

  • must lift off pedal properly every bar
  • LH soft, RH loud

6 Mar

Focus on excercises this week


  • all about
    • evenness
      • practice different rhythm
      • slow practice
    • getting LH and RH together
    • keeping the same speed
  • also try dynamics


  • all about
    • LH very soft RH loud
    • phrasing
      • up is louder, down is softer
      • keep LH soft though

6 Feb

Scales are going very well!


  • work on getting things more even
  • also add dynamics (loud and soft)
  • curved fingers help getting it even

A rainy Saturday

  • keep working on phrasing and dynamics
  • be careful bar 9-12
  • ritard at the end, the gaps get bigger

27 Jan


  • start contrary motion this week

A rainy Saturday

  • phrasing, the higher the louder, the lower the softer
  • look up at page
  • follow dynamics. sometimes phrasing is the same as dynamics
  • Press down pedal fully with heel on the ground

Try new song Etude

20 Jan


  • do all hands together first page


  • check whether there is correct rhythm

Start new piece hands seperate

13 Jan

Scales: first page

Ex 1B and 1C


  • staccatos short
  • try to finish this week