28 Nov


  • preserve tempo and move forward
  • some cresc can be more

21 Nov

  • consider pedal in context of is the texture too thick?
  • don’t have sudden dynamic changes
  • middle section, make it melodic based, then ‘soupy’ for imrpessionist section
  • don’t make tempo primo too fast
  • consider rubato use in peak sections


  • middle section a bit quicker, prioritise phasing
  • don’t overdo inner voices
  • end can be slower


  • staccatos, don’t lift far from then note

14 Nov


  • last section, slow practice, rhythm practice
  • intentionality of dynamics
  • don’t speed up at middle point


  • is phrasing in character for the section?
  • soft sections ocassionally to loud

7 Nov

All of Me

  • ascending fanfare loud
  • intentionality of interpretation

31 Oct


  • keep a moderate and stable speed
  • keep pedal usage up in first page
  • don’t overdo f textures
  • watch pedalling in andante espressivo middle section


  • add ‘resolution’
    • bar 3-7, don’t get too soft too early
    • don’t get too loud on peaks
  • poco piu mosso, RH more legato. don’t get too loud too early
  • Allegro giocoso, dip before cresc. thin chord texture voice top
  • Energico – slow down but keep integrity of crotchets
  • un poco cresc at the end

24 Oct


  • recognise gradual build ups and identify where peaks are
  • subito means suddenly
  • check rhythm in last bar
  • be careful of LH texture

All of Me

  • stronger fan fare
  • when it goes expressive can introduce phrasing
  • coordination issues primary concern
  • 79, softer, accent notes are softer


  • voice melody hard, big phrasing
  • try to plan phrasing where possible
  • 32, legato RH, gradually getting louder
  • 40, not too loud
  • 52, slowing down
  • last page keep soft
  • poco cresc on last page, just a bit too much

17 Oct


  • 2nd page 2nd bar, check RH fingering
  • 3rd page 2nd bar check notes
  • 3rd page 4th line, be careful of pedalling of semibreves
  • 3rd page last line, ease into repeated notes
  • Andante espessivo, slow down end at the end of phrases. rubato is like spring
  • pg number 10, RH a lot softer, mysterious texture
    • 2nd line LH wrong
    • not too fast at tempo primo
  • pg nimber 11, 3rd line start slow and soft, then speed up and cresc

Beethoven Sonata

  • 27 entire bar loud
  • slow practice on difficult sections to develop mental memory