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Goal for this week

  • Eb major
  • Textures in Nuvole Bianche

Long term goal

  • we’ll see

Notes 30 Nov

Scale: Eb major


  • Opening is not pp, but mp. Can have full chord interaction.
  • Tendency to slow down bar 25
  • bar 30 LH Eb
  • pause and riten, exaggerated ‘pit stop’ bar 34
  • texture in final section, not too thick. less left hand
  • increasing pendulum motion is fine tuned. listen very carefully. we are not dealing with ‘quantified’

Violet Evergarden thing

  • balance RH melody, then phrase if possible

Notes 23 Nov


  • bar 3-4, pause, maybe rit? voice top
  • bar 21, don’t slow down
  • bar 30 Eb LH

Notes 16 Nov

Scale: B major


  • texture is critical and around the idea of what poco cresc and accel mean
  • LH can stay soft for nearly the entire piece.
  • bar 21, remember 12/8, divide into 4 lots of 3

Notes 9 Nov

Nuvole Bianche

  • broadly, just present as much as you can. Quality is not yet a big factor here.

Notes Nov 3


  • This piece is all about comedic expression. Generally exaggerated dynamics and really accurate articulation.