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Goal for this week

  • Further develop expressive ideas in nocturne
  • Experiment with Prelude in E minor
  • If have time, prepare one of List A or B

Long term goal

  • Grade 8 mid-2021

Notes 22 Oct

List C

  • rubato tweaks
  1. Bigger slow down
  2. quicker rebound, like a rubber band
  • this section should reference speed with semiquavers triplets
  • ease into smorzando earlier and larger
  • Good to plan out rubato points ahead of time
  • Middle section, keep working on it technically
  • 2nd slow section, what are the differences? Greater features? greater contrast?


  • even within a very simple framework, there’s so many opportunities. There are also fairly big differences even between professionals.
  • this piece is an excellent example of how to explore rubato and phrasing, so you can play around with it this week.

List D: Gershwin

Notes 15 Oct

List C

  • poco cresc e riten big momentum shift, get much slower here. Especially on dolciss, treat this delicately. Add
  • treat triplets carefully and spread out
  • be intentional with rubato, commit to it 100%.
  • Make sure allignment is here is correct
  • smorzando less phrasing towards the end. slow down more here as well.
  • don’t get stuck with rubato. Compare the two ‘growls’ one is bigger than than the other
  • bring focus to RH, start small on the crescendo
  • keep inner section of ff line loud, bit of rubato before next line
  • last line 2nd page, do lots of cresc and dim
  • strong/horror difference
  • amplify ballade ideas. The stronger your ideas the better.
  • spread out 7 tuplet and do tie
  • connect speeds
  • link up triplet speed

Notes 8 Oct


  • don’t take extra time on the louder bits. Keep it rhythmically rigid.


  • do arpeggios. Make sure it is legato
  • Recommended minimum 2-5 minutes of technical before starting pieces. It has a payoff!


  • Avoid overpedalling. Experiment with half pedal and no pedal options
  • Listen to other approaches to pedal, rubato, tempo, phrasing and balance. There are many you should be sure of what you are doing.
  • Balance: misty (strong RH). LH could soft could help this overall as well.
  • Phrasing: strong
  • Tempo: stable
  • Rubato: subtle (could a bit more)
  • Pedal: maybe a bit less
  • Check notes here
  • You are very talented so we just have to start that engine of self-evaluation. Once you start heading the right direction, then it will be very exciting to hear your final product!

List B

  • bar 15 Eb and phrasing