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Script for Exam

My name is Rennice Siu. Today is the and I am presenting for an examination in Grade 3 Piano for Leisure. My first piece is……

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Goal for this week

  • Bar 12 hands together sunday morning
  • Scales up to Bb major

Long term goal

  • Grade 4 Exam

Notes 18 Dec

Scales practice: you can do this by yourself if you check fingering carefully


  • C#s in bar 8
  • bar 12, check where your LH

Notes 3 Dec

Scales up to Bb major

Sunday morning

  • two things to watch out for today
  1. am I in the right spot?
  2. is the LH and RH coming together correctly?
  • can up to bar 12 together

Notes 19 Nov

Spanish Dance

  • when you get soft, make sure you stay soft
  • 2nd page, don’t get faster
  • bar 33, no break!

Midnight Ride

  • ending, don’t hold pinky for too long.


  • a bonus is to get RH louder and LH VERY soft


  • pause in bar 16
  • bar 17, much softer!

Notes 12 Nov


  • pause in bar 16
  • make sure to count 6 beats at the end
  • make sure that melody notes come out really clearly


  • jump quickly between these notes
  • don’t play too soft that the notes can’t come out properly
  • slow down a lot at the end


  • do softs at the end well

Notes 5 Nov


  • middle part soft
  • try not to change speeds
  • last bar, wait 6 beats


  • treat this one all soft
  • make sure rhythms are correct
  • slow down where it says ‘rall’

Midnight Ride

  • soft dynamics ALL softer
  • slow practice might also be helpful

Spanish Dance

  • dynamics are good here, try to fix the two hard bars by practicing them by themselves

Notes 29 Oct

Spanish Dance

  • Remember soft dynamics a bit more
  • watch out for bar 30, just focus on keeping it moving


  • watch for ralls, getting slower. There’s also one at the end

Midnight Rides

  • fix some last mistakes in bar 23

Toccata Ritimico

  • Keep non-melody a bit lighter
  • Keep beat up non-stop!

Notes 22 Oct Recording review


  • softs softer, even if it is mf


  • this piece can be soft just because every other piece soft
  • use your instincts for pedalling instead

Midnight Ride

  • plan out dynamics, if you need to get louder, start softer before you do this


  • same comments about dynamics
  • watch bar 30-31
  • watch out for legatos