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Script for Exam

My name is Rennice Siu. Today is the and I am presenting for an examination in Grade 3 Piano for Leisure. My first piece is……

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Goal for this week

  • Look at the notes for this week.

Long term goal

  • Grade 3 exam Early November

Notes 22 Oct Recording review


  • softs softer, even if it is mf


  • this piece can be soft just because every other piece soft
  • use your instincts for pedalling instead

Midnight Ride

  • plan out dynamics, if you need to get louder, start softer before you do this


  • same comments about dynamics
  • watch bar 30-31
  • watch out for legatos

Notes 15 Oct

Spanish Dance

  • do LOTS of phrasing
  • Don’t let the phrasing change the speed
  • Don’t spend too much time in the soft
  • After you have mastered phrasing, focus on no stops
  • 2nd page is different because there is no phrasing

Midnight Ride

  • bar 27, try to have no gaps

Toccata Spirito

  • we want to try to keep up the speed as much possible
  • Dyanmics between the different sections should be just a little bit more. Do mp and mf and p all softer
  • Do this mp as soft as possible


  • make sure you lift the pedal all the way up.