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Goal for this week

  • Finish 2nd page of Tanis, improve notes
  • Get phrasing in Moonlight Serenade

Long term goal

  • Grade 5 by end of year

Notes 21 Oct


  • bar 1, add small note and check LH length
  • 2nd page, check WHERE the note is and WHICH CLEF it is. This applies for everything and is still the biggest issue for the entire learning.
  • It may help doing a note chart.
  • We’ve learned everything today officially!


  • big difference between front and middle sections in terms of story and dynamics. Aim to hit loud points hard, but keep soft bits soft.

Notes 14 Oct


  • bar 6-7 check LH spot
  • check notes bar 17
  • bar 23 onwards, still keep up those good practice habits that we did today, two bars at a time and be careful.
  • bar 31, be careful, there are two bass clefs


  • Make sure swing rhythm is correct in 14, long then short
  • do phrasing REALLY big here, for SUPER expression. We want to follow the different directions of the piece. Be brave in the mf sections