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Goal for this week

  • Improve Tanis, focus on accuracy

Long term goal

  • Grade 5 Exam early 2021

Notes 25 Nov

  • we did a hands on approach to fixing things. There are three main categories
  1. correct notes
  2. correct rhythm
  3. correct phrasing

Reference this with recoridng

Notes 18 Nov


  • focus on extremes of dynamics and accents

Queen Alice

  • middle section (piu mosso) bar 28, more extreme speed and mood change. Make sure you revert back to normal by the third page


  • make sure hairpins are accurate


  • pedal in this section
  • 23, a decent bit slower for andante
  • bar 40, RH octave lower

Notes 11 Nov

  • Small notes add
  • right hand note chords clear bar 10
  • bar 15 RH like metronome, bar 19, don’t split chord
  • second section, heaps of phrasing. Make sure you count bar 28


  • bar 16, Eb in LH
  • bar 16, C# in RH
  • triplet rhythm spread out evenly


  • don’t play this extra note
  • make sure LH staccatos are short, make sure LH is in the right spot

Notes 4 Nov

  • check notes below, they are very similar to today as well.
  • bar 33, make sure the positions are right
  • bar 39, make sure EVERYTHING is below middle C
  • check notes at the end


  • 2nd time round, get louder