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Goal for this week

  • B major contrary
  • Learn more of sonata
  • Pick List C

Long term goal

  • Grade 6 mid 2021


Notes 21 Oct


  • contrary motion do left seperately. that fixes a lot of issues

List B

  1. Balance, RH generally stronger.
  2. Drama is created by very sudden dynamics and contrasting moods.
  3. Phrasing: relative to the dyanmics
  4. Learn accurately

Notes 14 Oct


  • G# harmonic minor contrary this week


Tips for getting things even

  1. Rhythm practice. This tests the relationship between your fingers. There are many different rhythms to try.

Expressive Tips:

  1. LH can be phrased. This makes the peformance more dynamic. This is however incredibly difficult to do
  • bar 9 not much pitch movement, that’s why it is mp. Go very soft here
  • bar 12 lots of pitch movement, phrase LH
  • 15-19, plan for peaks, start from very soft then get louder. Also make sure note lengths are correct here.