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13 Oct

List D

  • most important thing here is learning how to learn
  • being accurate during practice
  • sectional practice

List C

  • same as above, actually a bit inaccurate today
  • sectional, 8 bars a time
  • can learn this in one week
  • main goal for this week

start list B again, present next week

15 Sep

List C

  • all about
    • tempo
    • dynamics
    • articulation
  • can push tempo much harder, as long as its right

8 Sep

List D

  • still practice from bar 27, four bars
  • 2nd page, be accurate with dynamics
  • add phrasing EVERYWHERE

List D and List C will be priorities moving forward, then List B after

List C

  • push tempo, focus on how quickly you can learn this one

Scales: Bb minors

25 Aug

List D

  • start from 2nd page and bar 27 to begin with
    • still too many errors 😦

Goal: Tick system, 4 pieces + all scales

18 Aug

List D

  • bar 4 chord comes together
  • bar 19, coordination issue
  • RH bar 25
  • perfect runs practice, page 2 practiced with too many errors
  • bar 21, add extra RH note
  • bar 7-8 bar
  • play seperate G flat bar 27 RH
  • get a fadeaway ending at the end

11 Aug

List A: tick received 🙂

List C

  • sectional practice to increase learning speed

List D

  • writing down mistakes and taking ownership of mistakes is critical for fluency in bar 25-34


  • G# harmonic minor: F double sharp, 4th finger rule
  • G# melodic still needs work

4 Aug

List A

  • security and mental memory in last line is not good
    • slow practice
    • hands sep practice
  • important for future concerts and performances

List D

  • notes in start bar 4 need to come together
  • check coordination 19
  • bar 21, make sure you play all notes
  • listen to rhythm in bar 24-25
  • practice bar 27 onwards seperately
  • check C flats bar 31
  • check bar 32 all notes
  • repeated C# bar 33


  • new scales G# minors
  • we are focusing on speed rather than if you can get the scale correct

28 July

Tick system

  • need 4 pieces + all scales and exercises, then move onto Grade 6. Pieces need to be at least B standard

List A

  • last line is wrong!
  • LH and RH balance can be more RH
  • this might get a tick next week

List D

  • repeated sharps and flats biggest issue
  • bar 32, some flats are being played as sharps
  • add pedal
  • bar 7, F#, then repeated G#
  • bar 8 RH check
  • 25 LH check
  • 29 LH check

List C

  • have a go this week. might be able to finish


  • B maj, Db maj

23 June


  • 4th finger rule, 4th finger only happens once an octave
  • at least two pages of scales, but more if you can 🙂


  • watch for articulation
    • when it is slurred, connect
    • when not slurred, non-legato
    • triangle wedges are staccatissimo, but pretty much just means staccato
  • bar 27, B, E and A flat

16 June


  • additional ornaments, see on page
  • see wrong notes written on page today
    • watch RH bar 9
    • watch RH bar 22
  • continue to kee LH soft

Ex 5A

  • wrong LH in bar 7

Ex 5C this week

Begin scale: B major

Requirements to finish grade 5 without an exam:

  • 4 pieces
  • all scales and ex
  • then we’re good to move, if you don’t want to do exam

9 June

Wistful Prelude – new

  • phrasing, following the natural flow of music up and down and going soft and loud
  • add pedal

Technical work: Ex 5A

2 June


  • make sure LH is soft
  • makes it lighter and jumpy