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Goal for this week

  • Try new piece, revise old pieces

Long term goal

Grade 6 exam early-mid 2021

14 Dec


  • notes are easy
  • expression is about two things, phrasing and waves. The waves are related to the piece


  • 35, full bar pedalling. pedal according to chord changes
  • bar 43, make sure top note gets caught by pedal. hold longer
  • bar 34, rit, suddenly go into 35 afterwards

7 Dec

Fix You

  • peak of melodies always needs to be ‘marcato’ for clarity
  • over-express melody for passion
  • watch out for dodgy pedalling
  • check LH bar 27
  • carefully think about phrasing and plan ahead


  • have a listen to recording

30 Nov

  • improve contrary motions, present all similar/contrary motion
  • keep practicing both pieces


  • technically, just watch for ties, there a quite a few repeated ties
  • bar 1-4, more pedal, slower. standing still. voice top.
  • bar 21, phrase both hands, peak at the top, soft at the bottom
  • ending, touch of each part is based on speed here. improve technique
  • most complex part is the middle section

Fix You

  • in 2nd part with more expression, whatever happens, speed needs to be constant. (can be bent slightly only for rubato)

23 Nov

Fix You

  • Any rhythmic changes must be intentional
  • if RH is covered, it must be intentional

16 Nov


  • beast arpeggios

Fix u

  • be braver even in soft sections, you can get louder to do more phrasing

9 Nov


  • all similar motinons

Fix you

  • bar 1 broken chords, can vary speed. Go as soft as you can, then mp a bit louder
  • commit to phrasing, don’t back away halfway.
  • soft can be done by left hand only
  • watch out for LH thumb, can roll or not lift there
  • listen carefully to texture
  • differences between similar sections?
  • don’t be scared of final mf