Youtube Playlist

19 June


  • finish all hands together

Little Flower Girl of Paris

  • finish first 3 lines hands together, bonus, rest of

11 June


  • have learned to read the LH this week
  • combine whole song together this week
    • best way to combine is RIGHT LEFT TOGETHER line by line

Let’s Sing a Duet

  • louds and soft
    • loud is f
    • soft is p

Notes 4 June


  • finish ALL right hand notes this week

Let’s Sing a Duet

  • on the right track but try to remember staccatos and legatos
  • don’t miss out on the LH notes

Homework: Finish ALL of Waltzer RH and ALL of Let’s Sing a Duet hands together

Notes 28 May

Let’s Sing a Duet

  • staccatos and legatos
    • staccatos are dots
  • p and f is soft and loud
  • keep getting faster!


  • Get up to bar 8 in RH