Studio Policy

Please take the time to review the below as they affect you.

Studio Policy 2022

1. Payment

a. Payment will be made by term.

b. Payment will be required within three weeks of invoice issued.

2. Absences/Late arrivals

a. Twenty-four hours notice is required for absences. A makeup or refund cannot be guaranteed for notice given within twenty-four hours unless it is a genuine emergency or hardship.

b. For foreseeable events such as camps and outings, one-week’s notice is recommended but not enforced.

c. Lessons can be given for arrival up to 15 minutes late. After 15 minutes, the lesson may not be given unless prior notice is given. The makeup of lost time due to late arrivals cannot be guaranteed.

d. Examination periods are not a valid reason for an absence

3. Accrued Absences

a. One lesson can be transferred to the next term for a student absence of any legitimate reason.

b. Lesson accrued after must be made up, unless a valid exemption applies.

c. Teacher absences do not count as a student absence

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