Choosing your session

In 2021, dates are as follows.

Dates to Avoid and Scheduling

You are not able to choose specific dates within the any of the sessions. However, you can specify whether you want weekdays or weekends. So far, the AMEB has allowed for these specifications but please note that there is a small chance that your request may not be granted if asking for weekends.

Please check that you are not going away during the exam period. If you are, please let me know and these dates can be requested to be avoided.

AMEB Guidelines

Practical examinations are scheduled between the hours of 9am and 6pm, from Monday to Sunday inclusive during each session, except on gazetted public holidays.
Exams may be scheduled on independent school holidays, curriculum days, VCE exam dates or the Saturday, Sunday or Monday preceding the Melbourne Cup public holiday, unless these dates are specifically advised as dates to be avoided.
Please tell us if a student has been taught by an AMEB examiner in the last three years.
No other examiner-specific requests will be considered.
Requests for exams late in the session, or for exams on specific dates, will not be considered.
Additional fees will be charged for scheduling requests not included on this enrolment.


If you have not done an exam with me before, I will need your child’s full name (including middle names if desired) and date of birth. This can be entered at the bottom of the page.


I will pay the fee at the time of enrolment, and you need to transfer the relevant amount to my account after enrolment has been concluded. Fees are below.

When will I get the exam date?

The AMEB has been inconsistent with when they reveal dates unfortunately, however, I will let you know as soon as I receive the notice of examination. It can be anywhere between 1-2 months, usually never less than 20 days before the exam.

If I am sick on the day

The AMEB doesn’t provide full refunds for examinations, as the cost of hiring the examiners are high. If it is for a medical reason, they can re-schedule the exam for a later session for an extra 50% of the enrolment fee. They cannot reschedule if you are in 5th metropolitan session.

In the worst case scenario: Withdrawal, Cancellation and Re-Scheduling

The AMEB has very specific guidelines regarding these. Information can be found here: https://ameb.vic.edu.au/enrol/withdrawal-rescheduling/

Lockdown Scenarios

If your exam is affected by a lockdown, you will be offered the following

  1. Ability to move to repertoire exam video
  2. Move to a subsequent session (pending availability)
  3. Entitlement to a refund

More information will be available should this occur in the future.

Theory Exams?

Theory exams are required from Grade 6 onwards to receive a certificate.

The easiest way to learn is through the online AMEB courses available here: https://exams.ameb.edu.au/

Some exams require extra work in lesson, do enquire with me individually if needed.