Long Term Goal

  • grade 2 exam

28 May

  • finish page hands together
  • LH non legato when crotchets
  • new piece probably next week

For concert, play a Rainy Saturday

14 May


  • goals: bar 8 hands together
  • bar 16 hand separate
  • can do even more if Eric is awesome!

7 May


2 Apr

A rainy saturday

  • softer LH still
  • more dynamics

Summer Toccatina: pass


26 Mar

A rainy Saturday

  • to create mood, softer overall, especially LH
  • don’t forget to lift off pedal


  • sectional practice to improve flow
  • can be stronger (louder) overall

19 Mar

A rainy Saturday

  • can add pedal
    • pedal lifts must come on the first note of each bar
  • keep LH very soft, RH one level higher
  • good attempt at dynamics/phrasing


  • still a few notes in LH connected that should be separated
  • bigger difference between mf and f
  • would be good to check fingering

Summer toccatina

  • can increase speed (metronome 75)

12 Mar


  • make sure LH is not connected
  • all slurs have lift-off ending
  • articulation is main challenge
  • practice mostly hands together

A rainy saturday

  • can go slightly slower when combining
  • think before you play, AVOID REPEATS


  • similarly, don’t repeat when practicing, think and look at fingering before playing

Summer toccatina

  • softs softer
  • keep a constant faster speed
  • metronome 105 per quaver

5 Mar


  • watch out for slurs
  • watch out for fingering

new song: a rainy saturday

Scale: G major hands together, can do more

19 Feb

Summer Toccata

  • start soft at the start of cresc
  • increase tempo


  • RH to the end

Check scales next week