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Long Term Goal

  • Certificate of Performance


25 Nov


  • first line, RH legato
  • 2nd line, swing rhythm practice. PHRASE!
  • bar 13, LH soft
  • bar 18 phrase according to RH
  • 29 onwards, big phrasing. play bottom notes soft
  • bar 36 repeated G# in LH


  • ocassional wrong fingering can be fatal!
  • bar 13 LH check
  • bar 41, check pedalling
  • phrase gently, LH gentle as well
  • bar 43 check LH

11 Nov

Mozart 2nd mvt

  • lighter voicing in general
  • staccatos light and not too short
  • good LH and RH and balance and phrasing ideas good
  • can be a bit quicker
  • middle minor section can have wider dynamic range

Mozart 3rd mvt

  • playful
    • quick articulation
    • quick dynamics
    • phrasing in key sections

4 Nov

  • aria style, singing style
    • mozart’s main music was arias from opera
    • phrasing
    • light LH
    • flowing character, rather than disrupted


  • try to avoid restarts for now, don’t worry about exact polyrhythm

28 Oct

Fantasy Impromptu

  • watch for repeated accidentals in general
    • bar 10 A#
    • repeated sharps bar 11
  • bar 8 check RH fingering
  • incrementally get faster

7 Oct

List A

  • no rubato, keep flow
  • dynamic ranges can be slightly more in episodes, but nothing too much
  • slow practice may help stability

List B

  • keep flow here
  • make sure dynamics are sharp

16 Sep

List A

  • great improvement across the board
  • keep practicing slow, focus on memory and consistency
  • perfect practice
  • bar 36/34 RH had a mistake

List B

  • where dynamics should be surprising, feel free to give greater dynamic contrastp
    • understanding the different characters in your
  • still aim for a quick and accurate touch at all times

List C

  • try not to lift pedal up all the way

List D

9 Sep

List A

  • have a difference between ritornellos and episodes
    • always start and end ritornellos loud
    • episodes are softer in general
  • bring out some of left hand in 104
  • 113 ritornello ‘sandwich’, make ritornello loud, episode
  • 140 onwards, areas of concern
  • perfect challenges, can I get through this section without a mistake?

List C

  • make sure you can hear all LH notes clearly (or all notes in general)

2 Sep


  • 8C, take your time to play
  • 8B, try to practice error free and slower
  • in scales, coordination is ocassionally a problem
  • prepare arpeggios logner
  • arpeggios, more accurate, inversions, more correct

List C

  • some pedalling is ocassionally a bit not consistent leading to missed pedal notes
  • make sure rit at bar 31 gets slowe

List A

  • bar 104 can voice LH LH and RH and take turns
  • slow practice maybe starts around 120ish mark?

26 Aug

List A

  • things to improve
    • quality
    • specificity of dynamics
  • include
    • medium practice
    • perfect runs
      • what are we looking for in perfect runs?
      • 1 mistake? what speed?
  • seperate hands for listening and memory benefit
  • end nice and big

List D

  • bar 1 LH shorter and snappier
  • 11, RH staccato first
  • 16 RH not too loud
  • watch 37 LH, still ff
  • watch pp left hand bar 37
  • 37 see new fingering

List B

  • soft touch unreliable
    • still need to hear melody clearly
    • notes go down to bottom of the key quickly
  • phrase LH 53
  • occasional slowdowns, practice at tempo with metronome
  • metronome practice 76, some sections drag
    • should be fully expressed

19 Aug

List B – self-reflection

  • bar 1, voice RH less, minimum clarity to hear it
    • make fingers quicker
  • bar 6, LH seperate, when doing hairpins, first note not SUDDENLY loud
  • bar 8, know exactly what speed the run is, don’t be too quick
  • turns need to be clearer – slower (spreading them out)
  • bar 12, mf not too loud
  • bar 22 non legato LH
  • bar 25 softer, less RH voicing
  • 29 too loud RH
  • 39 end of phrase too long, then next staccatos also a bit too long
  • 49 dotted rhythms
  • missing notes 51???
    • fix fingering here
  • don’t rush in bar 58
  • 60 too loud
  • more mistakes towards the end?