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This Week’s Goal

  • Revise all 3 pieces

Long Term Goal

  • Grade 7 2021

23 July


  • focus on light sound, texutre
  • p only in bar 7, creates beautiful sound
  • staccato, just means light
  • 33 can be intense
  • 37, as soft possible
    • can use soft pedal
  • overall, just contrast strong sections with beautiful soft sections


  • we want forward momentum, slow rubato must be balanced with speeding rubato
  • pedal needs to be constant, to capture bass note
  • animato, get quicker
  • polyrhythm can be guessed, sufficiently good
  • check coordination here

16 July

Merry Andrew

  • detail in dynamics
  • strict rhythm from 34, strict rit
  • subito p, loud until subito p
  • don’t accel early
  • last two notes should be nearly next to each other


  • think of moods

Notes 13 Jan

Ex 5C

  • division of beats important


  • remember 4th finger rule
  • first page of scales up to Bb melodic minor

Alla polacca

  • keep quavers as quavers. When you see a quaver, make sure you don’t rush.

Wistful prelude

  • again, keep quavers quavers
  • strong touch and try a bit phrasing
  • full pedal down

Notes 16 Dec


  • personal interpration is encouraged
  • watch rhythm at
  • for constant speed, recommended metronome at 100

Alla Pollacca

  • 2nd page, slurs are important. rhythm has two parts, maths and listening. Listen to music.
  • phrasing needs to be careful. Has many rules, including end of slur must be soft

Notes 9 Dec

Technical homework

5B LH, Db major

Alla p

  • most important thing now is the articulation. Gives the piece character
  • don’t accent staccatos
  • after that, do phrasing
  • make sure that you plan out your phrasing. If you know you are getting louder, then start soft


  • starting from 2nd page until end, work on buildup

Notes 2 Dec

Ex 5A, even when rolling, make sure

Learn 5B this week

Scales: G# harmonic/melodic minor


  • RH still doesn’t need to be rolled. Can be direct. This will help with balancing LH/RH balance
  • make sure you don’t slow down for ornaments and getting softer.

Notes 25 Nov

Scale: B major

Excercise 5A


  • be careful of ornaments, see how they are divided into three notes. see sheet for guidelines
  • approach the touch with a dry and straight forward approach
  • balance should be