5 Sep

Lightly Row

  • good effort this week
  • start from the middle if you are not good at some parts
  • don’t forget Bb

Setting up Exercise

  • make sure you are in the right finger position

29 Aug

Lightly Row

  • tips for going hands together
    • go slow
    • look up
    • do it 4 bars at a time

New song: Setting Up Exercise

  • both hands have the same notes
  • keep in your 5 finger position

22 Aug

Lightly Row

  • continue hands seperate, then combine line by line
  • can try hands together this week likely

15 Aug

Three Blind Mice

  • quick, but missing LH notes
  • need to read and play at the same time!

Follow the Leader

  • keep the same finger position, don’t move around!
  • read and play at the same time

Lightly Row

  • check finger positions
    • RH 5 on C, LH 5 on F
  • all Bs turn into B flat
  • do hands seperate this week

8 Aug

Three Blind Mice

  • 2nd page needs no gaps (no stops)
  • this means you have to practice just the 2nd page by itself
  • songs will get harder! you’ll need to know how to do this before you move on!

Follow the leader

  • start hands separately, then combine
  • where do hands line up?
  • try to keep in your finger positions (see finger numbers)
  • song of the week

Bonus: can you do RH of Lightly Row?

  • don’t forget B flats!

1 Aug

Three Blind Mice

  • the song repeats
    • very hard, but can just play one part over and over to master it

Dancing Kangaroo

  • finish top of worksheet

25 Jul

New song: Three Blind Mice

  • all Fs turn into F#
  • read the 2nd page hands seperately

18 Jul


  • line by line practice helps us get things quicker
  • it helps to always look up and not give up too early

Ballet Dancer – homework

  • All Bs turn into B flat
  • complete this week for homework

Noterush time: 45.16