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This playlist has all the standard Series 18 pieces for Grade 7


Pieces to choose from. Don’t pick Series 17 pieces.

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Goal for this week

  • self guided goal for Nocturne
  • self guided for Hisashi
  • F harmonic minor grand scale

Long Term Goal

  • Grade 7


20 Mar


  • F harmonic minor


  • phrasing expression

One Summer’s Day

  • make sure pedal considers the bottom note
  • in louder sections, when phrasing, still start a bit softer
    • phrasing can also be bigger
  • check notes 30-31
  • watch out for triplet polyrhythm


  • more offset rubato
  • LH softer
  • approximate polyrhythms

13 Mar


  • watch fingering

Scales: Ab major this week

Summer’s Day

  • count notes in bar 6
  • bar 23 Bb RH
  • phrasing and rubato to be done in waves. can use left soft pedal
  • bar 17 phrase upwards
  • bar 22 hit chords harder, blend sound. phrase as two bars waves
  • bar 30 small LH, big RH, RH phrased


  • LH accompaniment, get to jumping note early to keep it soft
  • lift pedal cleanly
  • phrase strongly, but don’t let LH interfere too much

27 Feb


  • process 6 quavers in a bar

Scales: Ab major this week


  • still needs to create a sense of mystery by more ‘super soft’ parts
  • don’t rush through it, use rubato to make it relaxed
    • inertia – the struggle to move forward
    • playing
  • pentuplet – don’t stop RH
  • triplet, make sure it is smooth in RH

Summer’s day

  • more fading would be good to create mystery
  • can use soft pedal
  • rubato needs to be intense, especially the slow parts

20 Feb


  • not too careful and timid
  • LH non legato
  • dynamics are


  • check fingering towards the end
  • try LH


  • try this week


  • 4th finger rule
  • Ab major grand scale


  • maybe take a slower speed, more like walking
  • triplet good to take it as normal triplet first
  • phrasing
    • when we go up, go louder
  • rubato
    • speed up and
  • balance
    • LH very light

13 Feb


  • challenge yourself with speed


  • start this one, it is already going well


  • do B harmonic minor grand this week
  • remember 4th finger rule


  • small notes are a point for rubato
  • 5 tuplet, note goes here
  • pp, no phrasing, less features. can use soft pedal
  • with polyrhythms, find a good approximation, then go with that and try to get the flow
  • dynamics are often related to phrasing, or harmony