Aural tips

  • singing and clapping, continue to practice memory
  • intervals, sing up the scale, only 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th
  • higher/lower note test already good

21 Nov



  • phrasing based
  • LH soft
  • bar 2, semiquaver fits in between
  • con dolcezza – with sweetly
  • check coordination of semiquavers, they come after triplets

14 Nov


  • learning methods
    • avoidance of mistakes critical
    • listen to recording rhythm
  • aim for a page or more this week, keep pushing how far you can learn

Ex 4A start

  • main element is phrasing
  • watch fingering carefully

Scales E major

7 Nov

  • general knowledge has room for improvement
  • technical ex, focus on phrasing
  • scales, still have time to do more accurate contrary motion.


  • don’t overdo loud parts
  • focus on articulation


  • metronome at 90 ideal for us
    • but when doing with metronome do with dynamics

Butterfly Waltz

  • generally take this lighter

24 Oct

Butterfly Waltz

  • keep pushing tempo forward for flow
  • phrase the soft notes in the first page


  • can bump speed up to 90, or even higher
  • bar 27 should be an octave


  • keep phrasing moderate
  • where you can try to get non-legato dynamics correct

18 Oct

Extra list

  • all about keeping it stable, don’t rush
  • don’t rush bar 8
  • phrase A LOT
  • when phrasing start soft on low
  • don’t speed up bar 38
  • watch rhythm in bar

11 Oct



  • focus on the difference between mf and p


  • play in the middle-zone


  • 4th finger rule on contrary motions
    • go slow if you can’t get it correct

List B

  • watch slurs
  • don’t speed up halfway
  • bar 17 onwards, count in 3s
  • bar 27 octave lower
  • don’t have gaps between bars
  • metronome at 75, then increase

List C

  • LH balance soft
  • 15 mf, keep mf, don’t get softer too much
  • riten at 28 much more slower
  • phrase a lot on second page
  • don’t speed up at 38