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23 Mar

La Poupee

  • solid work here
  • learn last 2 bars this week, check next week


  • 4th finger rule ESSENTIAL
  • must be first thing to practice


  • LH rests, watch out
  • start thinking about dynamics
  • check legato bar 7-8
  • 22 LH wrong

9 Mar

Scales need to be imporoved, continue on Eb major


  • needs improvement to speed


  • check fingerings carefully, hands sep first

La poupee

  • finish this week

Banjo Tune

  • f can be slightly louder
  • more phrasing in bar 10

2 Mar


  • check starting position

Start 3B this week

  • try hands seperate this week

Please continue to practice scales


  • bar 17 LH rest
  • bar 25 check articulation

La poupee

  • watch articulation, staccatos where you can

23 Feb

  • articulation: watch your slurs
  • watch dynamics

La poupee

  • learn first two lines

Technical work

  • finish 3A left hand, all exercises 3A

16 Feb


  • check wrong notes
  • timing essential, crotchets are divided into 1,2,3,4

Expand forward: La Poupee

9 Feb


  • going good, manage your own learning, do your own learning and learn a scale a week

Start exercise 3A


  • push forward learning
  • get to the end this week

Banjo Tune

17 Nov

Banjo Tune

  • good readers read a lot. Bad readers don’t read at all
  • develop habits to start reading more
    • look up at the page all the time
    • read further than you expect
    • read parts that you have already learned
    • play note rush?

27 Oct


  • softs softer, mf 17 louder
  • 13, don’t get loud straight away
  • 30, go back to original speed
  • 2nd last note should be longer


  • first page, don’t do sudden accents
  • don’t have a big gap between I and II
  • 2nd page, still end all 2nd bars soft

T-rex Hungry

  • remember, sf, notes around the sf soft
  • bar 6, start a bit softer and slowly build
  • hold last note longer
  • its all about the dynamic change

Dragon fly

  • bar 4 last RH note short
  • bar 5, don’t get too soft too early
  • bar 8, RH notes are slurred

20 Oct


  • softs can be softer
    • quick fingers, but not with force
  • p doesn’t have to be as soft as possible


  • all hairpin detail, as much phrasing as possible
    • this is following the pitch up and down and matching with volume
    • bar 11 goes from soft to loud
  • menuetto II, make the last note of each 2 bars soft
  • some rhythmic issues, but they are small


  • sf, make the notes around the sf soft
  • try not to speed up throughout the piece
  • try metronome at 77, but with dynamics


  • start softer if possible, and softs softer in general

13 Oct



  • slow practice for accuracy
    • way too many mistakes that have
  • don’t change speed halfway
  • dynamics way too small

Dragon fly

  • good and stable, can increase tempo a bit
    • make sure it is correct even as you increase

T-rex hungry

  • slow practice for stability
  • mp suggested dynamics so that you can contrast this with the other sections
  • tip toeingly staccatos

28 Sep

Dragon fly

  • soft dynamics most critical
  • practice all the time correct
  • check for fingers, make sure fingering is always correct


  • all about hairpin in bar 1
  • make sure slurs are connected
  • main rhythm issue is gaps

T Rex Hungry

  • all about the gaps between notes
  • bar 13, staccatos

15 Sep

Dragon fly

  • check fingering carefully, so that everything is legato
  • check chord in bar 6

Noterush – do level 3 or 4


  • bar 30 soft
  • dim means diminuendo, get quieter
  • check your position compared to middle C
  • when combining, look up and go slow, then can go faster
  • learn in small sections

New song: dragon fly