How to record for your exam

Camera Angle

The camera angle should be side on and include face, fingers and pedal.

It’s generally ideal to find a way to support the camera on something that doesn’t require you to hold it.

An example of an ideal position is here:

Piano Performance | UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts
Face, fingers and pedal are visible


You will need to say your script. It will follow this format and I should have the script uploaded to your student page as well.

My name is Jane Smith. Today is the <date> and I am presenting for an examination in <name of subject (instrument)>, Grade X. My first piece is XXXXX.”

And in between each piece:

“I will now play XXXX.”

Device to use

Avoid laptops to record your performance. Phones and tablets are acceptable.

Continuous Take

The entire performance needs to be done in one take.


Method 1:

Upload to this Google Drive or your own Google Drive and share the link with me. Any other filesharing platform will work as well.

Method 2:

Upload directly to YouTube and share the link with me.

Method 3:

Share on Whatsapp or via email. Quality may be lower.

If you none of these work for you, please let me know.