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Long term goal

  • Grade 7 exam

13 Aug

  • expansion and contraction, phrase accordingly
  • from 2nd page, see incorrect notes that you have written down
  • goal bar 59, or finish?

Revise Seasons of Love when you have time

6 Aug

Moonlight Serenade

  • goal: bar 37?

Yellow Brick Road

  • must start from last page

30 Jul

  • 1st 2nd page
    • dynamics
  • 3rd
    • consistency in the lower part bar 43
    • 44 LH difficult
    • section by section
      • this is homework this week
  • 4th 5th
    • big time consistency

Moonlight Sonata

  • circle every time you miss a sharp
  • usually it is the same ones

23 Jul

  • goal: bar 28
  • reading is improving because you’re getting more used to key signature


  • Db major

Yellow Brick Road

  • phrasing needs to be have more softs, it sounds all loud to me
  • watch for flats in bar 60-61
  • dynamics

16 Jul

Yellow Brick Roard

  • need to start from bar 49 onwards
  • line by line
  • all of the music up to page 4 should be perfect this week


  • have a pencil to write in letters and sharps
  • need to be accountable for errors

Notes 17 July


  • good! for now

Fur Elise

  • middle section, don’t go faster
  • hard section, drill hands seperate


  • 2nd page, drill RH by itself, in 2 bar chunks

Notes 14 Nov


  • continue with arpeggios, try a bit hands together:


  • the key is to read REALLY carefully and slowly. There will be some chords that sound a little bit weird.
  • easiest way to put hands together is: hands separate, one bar at a time
  • accurate reading: what is the key signature, what flats repeat


  • it’s fine to practice this one less while you practice others

Jingpo Folk Song

  • accents on sf
  • watch dynamics, breath marks and pedalling
  • at the start bigger difference between mf and p
  • bigger difference between mf and f also

Notes 7 Nov


  • improve arpeggios in general. This week is arpeggio week.


  • avoid rushing sections, listen to LH beat if you’re going too fast. Choose a medium speed
  • dynamics are all about doing BIG comparisons
  • 2nd page, add extra small notes
  • bar 44, keep same speed
  • bar 50 is still wrong

Moonlight Serenade

  • pay attention to Bb and read carefully.

Notes 31 Oct


  • similar motion is good, practice all other scales as well. Arpeggio need to be hands together and 4 octaves


  • RH keep the top, LH keep the bot


  • on the current track of Rainbow, we are unlikely to get to the end soon. We will try Moonlight because we can get to the end much quicker
  • See playlist for recording
  • Goal: hand separate, first 3 lines


  • consistency is getting better, next week we will look also at dynamics as well next week. Prepare to high standard

Notes 24 Oct

America Review

  • Good: not stopping
  • Could be better: dynamics/some stops


  • continue to work on arpeggios and all scales, make sure arpeggios are 4 octaves


  • con pedale – with pedal, use your instincts
  • bar 8, watch out for tie
  • goal is up to the top of the second page


  • best thing to do this week is understand how these sections connect. Try slower, but all connected with same speed.
  • Sometimes there will be a metronome in your LH, use that to check
  • bar 50-52 is still incorrect RH

Notes 17 Oct


  • do contrary motion and all arpegios


  • do STOPS test, can I get through this part without STOPS
  • do DYNAMICS test, can I do the dynamics well? Don’t lift high on the soft bits. Do soft bits quick and soft and remember to go
  • If you can do both these things, then that is 90% is the work
  • bar 12, slur must be smooth with pedal.
  • bar 23, suprise, no cresc
  • After the recording, we will focus more on the other two pieces


  • LH softer in the background bar 1
  • Tika Tika Tika Ti rhythm bar 19. Make sure RH is under LH so you can do this.
  • There are still the same missing notes

Notes 10 Oct


  • C melodic minor LH, 4 on D
  • Contrary motion, try hands separate before putting them together
  • Try Eb major arpeggio as well, but focus on contrary motion


  • Still needs much more dynamics, especially soft bits. Think is this as soft as I can go?
  • Need to get it constant, follow these steps
  1. Think no gaps!
  2. Go slow, but with no gaps
  3. Try small sections
  • bar 35 RH octave higher
  • Recording for student of the week 24 Oct


  • bar 19, missing note RH
  • bar 47 make sure extra top notes are correct
  • we will have a look at more expression next week.