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Goal for this week

  • 1B hands together, correct rhythm, see recording
  • All scales up to D harmonic minor
  • Learn up to bar 12 hands together of Mozzie. Fix slurring and notes

Long Term Goal

  • Grade 1 exam early 2021

Notes 24 Oct


  • We’ve fixed rhythm this week, listen to added recording on playlist


  • Number one priority is getting fingering correct, or else the scale practice is useless/damaging
  • New scale D harmonic minor


  • Bar 1-4, slurs nee
  • Bar 4, RH in wrong spot
  • bar 8, RH going in the wrong direction

Notes 17 Oct

Ex 1B

  • get note lengths correct in 1B


  • D natural minor this week


  • to do small notes, do it without small notes, then add it later
  • combine hands first two lines
  • hands separate up to bar 11. Encourage independent reading

Summer Toccatina

  • continue to listen to the recording for rhythm
  • For this week, focus on soft dynamics. Loud dynamics aren’t useful if there are no softs to go along with it. Even mp should be quite soft
  • Remember to start cresc soft
  • once rhythm and dynamics are correct that is about 90% of the piece done.

Notes 10 Oct

1C continue

  • wtih dynamics, following as it goes as it goes up and down


  • get hands together this week


  • do hands seperate all scales up to G major


  • we want to do LH always soft so we can hear the RH
  • bar 9-11, big difference between mf and p
  • need to fix LH in 13-


  • Learn LH up to bar 8 with note chart carefully
  • Learn RH up to bar 8 as bonus.