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Goal for this week

  • Present Fiesta and Fix You

Long term goal

  • grade 6 exam early 2021

Notes 1 Dec

Fix You

  • many wrong notes, but just for this week, work on expression
  • your responsibility for art show


  • articulation LH bar 11. Don’t slow down in 14
  • keep trying at home 2nd page. Read carefully


  • cuckoo pattern should always come above everything
  • there are many wrong notes. try to fix them before next week using concentration.

Notes 24 Nov

Arpeggios: getting better! :). Present similar motions next week


  • check number of notes bar 9-10 RH. Hit sf hard, then back away.
  • we’ve done lots of work here, keep it up. Are notes correct? do the need to come together?
  • LH note bar 47
  • basic expressions: get the dynamics right

Fix You

  • bar 6-10 check RH
  • bar 18-19 bar check coordination
  • check LH notes in bar 31

Notes 17 Nov

Scales: keep practicing, don’t learn inversion off root

Ex 6C: good


  • LH articulation always same. Long short rest
  • Rhythm fix here:
  • bar 36 is missing?
  • watch tie in LH 41
  • check LH notes bar 51
  • check notes bar 56


  • check number of notes bar 9
  • bar 11, make sure we can hear all the notes
  • fade away, bar 15
  • hold tie 27

Notes 10 Nov


  • continue to check all arpeggios


  • bar 1, group into two groups of three. Check fingering
  • bar 3, LH position higher
  • LH rests 11-14
  • count here

  • do notes that belong to the RH in this section. You can see the L shape lines
  • bar 27 hold note
  • check LH positions and notes in this section
  • bar 51 hold top note
  • bar 59-60 6 quavers, 61 lower

Fix You