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Goal for this week

  • Arpeggios diminished 7th
  • Prepare Allegro, fix List C notes and balance is most important
  • Pick a extra list (see the songs above on the new playlist)

Long term goal

Notes 20 Oct


  • Dominant of Eb, Make sure you have Bb in it
  • Diminishes for homework


  • check notes 16 LH onwards
  • bar 21, missing notes
  • bar 23 rests
  • mp dolce, no short notes, calm.
  • missing note bar 30
  • missing LH notes
  • G# here
  • 3rd page in general, more phrasing. Follow markings. Try not to get LH involved
  • WATCH OUT FOR LAZY mp dolce in LH sections. Still lots of incorrect LH. This can be fixed by just doing LH by itself.


Notes 13 Oct


  • still need dynamics and check notes


  • technique is great but you need CORRECT fingering and CORRECT inversions
  • Dominant 7ths this week, check fingering as well.

List C

  • balance needs to be correct. Overall LH needs to be softer, RH clear. This is the most important thing today.
  • Here top RH needs to be louder. That’s why there’s an accent. MIDDLE IS ALWAYS SOFTER
  • bar 15-16 LH as soft as possible. Also watch coordination with tie here, trill should not coordinate with note
  • una corda, soft pedal
  • to get ppp leave a bit of space when doing pp to get softer
  • RH in STILL WRONG here
  • Check notes from last week, there are many of the same wrong notes.

Notes 7 Oct


  • Are you starting in the right spot?
  • funny notes in bar 2
  • Do dynamics


  • Inversions are the same notes, just in different spots and different fingering
  • Arpeggios seperate hands need to be good this week.


  • You need correct balance
  • bar 9 rhythm!
  • bar 15 first RH note with rest
  • bar 21 G# in RH
  • 29-30, watch RH notes, LH doesn’t go down
  • bar 41, Eb missing
  • bar 43 F LH
  • bar 44, LH F
  • 52-54, many wrong notes, go hands seperate
  • ending, there needs to be right amount of notes!